PEOPLE - Our success depends upon our people. We will hire the right people, train them, and utilize all resources available to ensure their success and growth. We will encourage our people, provide them with the tools and resources to be successful, and always communicate strengths and shortcomings.  Training cannot be sacrificed and must always be on the minds of our leaders.

- We will ensure that we are constantly doing things as efficiently and effectively as possible. Checklists are a key to ensuring team members know what the process is. All of the valuable reports we provide should assist our leaders in knowing when a process may need to be changed or enhanced to ensure the best possible experience for our guests.

 - We will ensure we are walking our properties, inspecting our properties, and holding team members accountable. Through the audit process we ensure our team members know where improvements are to be made and provide the proper training to accomplish those tasks.

- We will communicate in an open and honest environment, we will communicate frequently at all levels. It is imperative that after the communication takes place we follow up to ensure that everything was understood and change the communication process if there are misunderstandings.

- By implementing the first four Objectives we anticipate that the fifth objective, our ultimate goal, will be achieved. By creating consistency there will be fewer surprises allowing our leaders to focus on all the facets of our business. By achieving professional balance we want our team members to enjoy personal balance.

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