Gama abides by a philosophy that honors the employee through effective communication, proactive employee programs, training, and benefit programs. Our properties operate under a set of Human Resource Guidelines that provide the proper steps for the management of employees.

Implementation of employee training and motivational programs
Communication of key goals and objectives with all management staff
Acquisition of wage survey to establish competitive wages and benefits by market
Required reporting and safety training
Provide recurrent training for established employees
Creation of esprit de corps among key department heads and all employees
Compliance with all government regulatory reporting and training requirements

Our risk management initiatives provide the tools to manage and control risks, improve our loss experience, and assist our owners in getting the most competitive insurance value possible for the properties we operate. Through our risk efforts, we provide field support with risk awareness programs for our management teams in achieving our safety and financial goals. Our general managers play a critical role in implementing risk management programs and monitoring their cost effectiveness through safety awareness training.

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